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2008Characterizing early cigarette use episodes in novice smokers. Addictive BehaviorsAcosta , M.C.Eissenberg , T.Nichter , M.Balster , R.L. , Tobacco Etiology Research Network (TERN)Addictive Behaviors33106-121

Retrospective self-report data indicate that early cigarette use episodes may be important predictor ...

Virginia Commonwealth University
2015Effects of menthol on nicotine pharmacokinetic, pharmacology and dependence in miceAlsharari , S.D.King , J.R.Nordman , J.C.Muldoon , P.P.Jackson , A.Zhu , A.Z.Tyndale , R.F.Kabbani , N.Damaj , M.I.PLoS One10(9)e0137070

Although menthol, a common flavoring additive to cigarettes, has been found to impact the addictive ...

Virginia Commonwealth University
2013aMenthol binding and inhibition of a α7-nicotinic acetylcholine receptorsAshoor , A.Nordman , J.C.Veltri , D.Yang , K.S.Al Kury , L.Shuba , Y.Mahgoub , M.Howarth , F.C.Sadek , B.Shehu , A.Kabbani , N.Oz , M.PLoS One8(7)e67674

Menthol is a common compound in pharmaceutical and commercial products and a popular additive to cig ...
2013bMenthol inhibits 5-HT3 receptor-mediated currentAshoor , A.Nordman , J.C.Veltri , D.Yang , K.S.Shuba , Y.Al Kury , L.Sadek , B.Howarth , F.C.Shehu , A.Kabbani , N.Oz , M.Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics347(2)398-409

The effects of alcohol monoterpene menthol, a major active ingredient of the peppermint plant, were ...
2008Rural adolescent attitudes toward smoking and weight loss: relationship to smoking statusBean , M.K.Mitchell , K.S.Speizer , I.S.Wilson , D.B.Smith , B.N.Fries , E.A.Nicotine & Tobacco Research10(2)279-286

Perceptions that smoking contributes to weight loss are widespread among youth. We examined the asso ...

Virginia Commonwealth University
2010Stress and tobacco use among African-American Adolescents: the buffering effect of cultural factorsBelgrave , F.Z.Johnson , J.Nguyen , A.Hood , K.Tademy , R.Clark , T.Nasim , A.Journal of Drug Education40(2)173-88

Tobacco is a leading contributor to morbidity and mortality and a primary reason for health disparit ...

Virginia Commonwealth University
2008Continuous nicotine administration produces selective, age-dependent structural alteration of pyramidal neurons from prelimbic cortex.Bergstrom , H.C.McDonald , C.G.French , H.T.Smith , R.F.Synapse62(31)31-39

Emerging evidence indicates that adolescence represents a developmental window of enhanced nicotine- ...

George Mason University
2010Chronic nicotine exposure produces lateralized, age-dependent dendritic remodeling in the rodent basolateral amygdala.Bergstrom , H.C.Smith , R.F.Mollinedo , N.S.McDonald , C.G.Synapse64(10)754-64

This study investigated the dendritic morphology of neurons located in the right and left basolatera ...

George Mason University
2013Tobacco Use Among African American Youth Receiving Behavioral Healthcare Services.Breland , A. B.Nasim , A.Irons , J. G.Koch , J.R.The journal of behavioral health services & research4088-96

African-American youth with behavioral health problems may be particularly vulnerable to tobacco use ...

Virginia Commonwealth University
2012Effects of acute stress on acquisition of nicotine conditioned place preference in adolescent rats: a role for corticotropin-releasing factor 1 receptors.Brielmaier , J.McDonald , C.G.Smith , R. F.Psychopharmacology219(1)73-82

RATIONALE: Studies indicate that adolescence is a time of increased sensitivity to the rewarding eff ...

George Mason University
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